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    modern rat

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    Thanks for the clarification on the bidkell comment. I know he is on Dave's "list." I think Dave also found out that bidkell had provided some pirate copies of at least one season disk. Obviously, that's one way to get on Dave's bad side.

    modern rat
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    modern rat

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    Yo, can you tell me what bidkell's original post was about Brett Favre, that Dave had to edit it? Thanks.

    Modern Rat


    Reply from jelicker:

    Sure. It had nothing to do with Favre. It has been thought that Bidkell has been bad-mouthing a certain member off the board for some time. Recently, Bidkell has been making snide remarks about the same guy on the board. In this post, Bidkell listed this guy's career W-L record in a league that the guy plays in, and made some kind of smart remark about how the guy is even better than Lombardi - mocking him if you will. It was an attempt to smear the guy. Dave edited out the guy's W-L record and the Lombardi comment. I don't want stoop to Bill's level, so I'll stop there. I hope that gives some insight.

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